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Each of us is created with a desire to live lives from which we derive a sense of meaning and purpose. As human beings we possess a second quality; the desire to give selflessly to people or entities that we hold within the bonds of our affection. For a financial advisor to maximize their capacity to serve their client, they must invest themselves fully into the story of the life of their client and those for whom their client wishes to provide for.

What Do You Believe?

Our Vision

Investing of oneself into the life of the client requires a relationship of such intimacy that it must be based upon that which can only exist between human beings and cannot exist between the client and their advisor’s employer. A Financial Advisor’s ideal employer is one which not only recognizes but celebrates the primacy of the advisor and client relationship.

What Do You Believe?

Our Vision

Heritage Wealth Management Group exists for the sole purpose of serving the advisor who is passionate about serving their client. In serving the advisor selflessly, we create a community that serves as a model for how our advisors serve their client.

What Do You Believe?
Mark H. Tekamp - Chief Investment Strategist, Financial Advisor at Heritage Wealth Management Group

Our Reputation on the Line

There is an ancient proverb that says one’s reputation is worth its weight in gold. Our reputation derives from our past actions, integrity, and the trust and community that is historically built.

We’ve questioned: What Makes Us Different?

It’s in What We Believe. We care. Our relationships are built with respect. We value our customers and we work for them every day with humility and purpose. We need to be different to be a disruptor in an industry that is long overdue for change.

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A DifferentAdvisor Culture


Our primary mission is to support our clients. Undergirding this, Heritage Wealth Management Group exists to serve the advisor who seeks to derive substantial meaning and purpose in their working life through the serving of their clients.

In serving the advisor selflessly, we seek to create a community which serves as a model for how our advisors are called to serve their client. In doing so, we will create a community dedicated to the serving of a purpose much larger than ourselves.

This is how we intend to be a transformative influence within the financial services industry.


fiduciary (adj.): from Latin fiducia “trust, confidence, reliance”

The fiduciary rule is the requirement in the industry that advisors must place the needs and interests of the client in a position superior to that of the advisor and their employer. While this should be an industry expectation, that is not always the case.

Our expectation is full transparency with our clients about our revenue. As a fiduciary, we cannot receive commissions-based transactions or products. We never put anyone in the middle of a conflict of interest.

Simply put: our clients keep us in business, not companies offering products and services that may or may not be right for them.


We expect our advisors to avoid the “group think” of the wider financial advisory profession and we want to provide our clients a better experience than they could obtain at any other financial institution. While we think and work independently for clients, operating as a team and challenging each other to work better everyday is what creates a more successful outcome.

We treat our advisors with respect, responsiveness, transparency and genuine concern. In other words, exactly the same as how we treat clients. We expect our advisors to abide by the same principles.

Caring about our people – our clients and our colleagues – is the bedrock of our firm.

What We Expect From our Team

When we serve our investors, we want them to notice a difference in quality and compassion between us and any other company where they might have been clients previously.

Our advisors are cut a little differently and that’s just how we prefer it. While we think and work independently for investors, operating as a team and challenging each other to work better everyday is what creates a more successful outcome for everyone.

And with relationships at the heart of HWMG’s core focus, it’s no surprise that our advisors and staff cultivate meaningful bonds at the firm. While we work hard, we also have fun. Do you share our philosophy?

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Creating Legacy Advisor Teams

One amazing aspect of HWMG is that our advisors have the opportunity to plan their financial futures with us. We value our employees not only for the work they do, but for the people they are.

We recognize the effort that goes into building a career. Should an advisor choose to slow down or retire completely, they should reap the appropriate rewards of a lifetime of service to their clients. Part of our solution is to provide a flexible glidepath and a team of extraordinary advisors to support your transition.

If you are ready to serve your clients to HWMG’s standard, we are ready to hear from you!

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