Heritage Wealth Management Group

“Heritage Wealth Management Group…where we never cease to use wisdom and discipline to create better outcomes for our clients.”

We are unique.  Here’s why –

Have you ever heard a colleague make the statement “I would not let my mother put her life savings with that person.”? At Heritage Wealth Management Group, you never will. We know every advisor in our firm has the same set of core values and we have absolute confidence each one will treat YOUR mother’s money with the same care they treat their own.  Gordon Gekko need not apply.

At HWMG, every employee lives and breathes the absolute belief that we are all here to serve. The firm succeeds when our clients are satisfied, and our advisors enjoy coming to work every day. If you are working at a Broker Dealer, we’re guessing it is a highly competitive, sales driven environment.  It seems like the pressure is always on to increase the size of your book and the amount of your production. Our growth occurs because we love what we do.

When almost everyone believes something is likely to occur, we think it’s a near certainty that it won’t. HWMG avoids the “group think” (aka the “herd mentality”) of the wider financial advisory profession. The markets aren’t efficient because the investment public is more driven by emotion than logic. We believe it IS possible to take advantage of dramatic market events to create returns that are notably above average.

Market declines are almost always based upon economic recessions. An intelligent understanding of where we are in the economic cycle is key to objectively calculating the “when” of the inevitable bear markets.

Humble Wisdom

“It is the distance between perception and reality that defines the opportunity.”

The overhead associated with starting and running an independent practice can be significant and the regulatory environment is unforgiving.  At HWMG, we have done the legwork to make sure our advisors are equipped with state-of-the-art systems and infrastructure. We handle trading, reporting, billing and compliance so our advisors can focus on delivering a level of service and attention our clients will not find anywhere else.

Wisdom flows not from the frequency of being wrong but rather how quickly we recognize that we are. We are humble and constantly ask ourselves “could we be wrong?”. Not being proud makes our advice more valuable. We have a responsibility to share the inevitability of stormy weather with our clients. We do not shirk this responsibility, we embrace it because we care. Our clients respect us because of this.

If this environment appeals to you, we probably have a lot more in common and we want to have a conversation with you.