Erik J. Bledsoe

Director of Information Technology
(757) 321-3725

Meet Erik

Erik Bledsoe has been working in the Information Technology field for over 15 years and brings his vast experience to the Heritage Wealth Management team.  His years of experience in web development, networking, and technology coordination allow Heritage Wealth Management to provide clients with the best experience possible.  His extensive experience in electronic marketing gives Heritage Wealth Management advisors an added edge in the wealth management and investment industry.

Erik Bledsoe is an expert in the information technology industry, which allows him to provide the most comprehensive and detail oriented support for the Heritage Wealth team. In addition to the inner technical workings of the Heritage Wealth office, Erik created and continues to maintain the company’s website and Social Media pages. His goal is not to just to provide technical support to the advisors at Heritage Wealth Management Group but to make sure that they are accurately and effectively represented across all web based platforms.

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