Why Heritage Wealth management group?

WHY Heritage Wealth Management Group?
Quite simply, because we view things a little different that most other independent firms.

The Fiduciary Rule

Focusing upon client’s goals and financial objectives above all other considerations is something that most advisors claim to be doing now. But for those serving their clients in the brokerage industry, the hand of perception may not always comfortably wear the glove of reality. As an industry the “wire houses” manage a substantial portion of investor’s wealth and its (the industry’s) resulting wealth also allows it to exercise significant influence over the political process. “Ground zero” is the battle over the fiduciary standard which has raged since the onset of the 21st century.

On the surface the debate would appear to be somewhat inexplicable. The Fiduciary Rule, simply stated, is the requirement to place the needs and interests of the client in a position superior to that of the advisor and their employer. This concept is something most customers of the brokerage industry would assume already serves as the industry’s required standard of conduct. It is indeed a standard most advisors are happy to be held to, and which many traditional brokers would be as well.  However, when a firm’s financial success is predicated in part on revenue generated by investor participation in proprietary mutual funds, in security offerings in which a firm or subsidiary thereof participates in the underwriting syndicate, or in transaction based revenues, the lines can become blurred.

At Heritage Wealth Management Group, that line is never blurred. We are committed to following the letter and the spirit of the Fiduciary Rule at all times. We do not accept commissions from any source and all of our revenue is fee generated and fully transparent to our clients.

Our Culture

We treat our advisors with respect, responsiveness, transparency and genuine concern.  In other words, exactly the same as we treat clients. We expect our advisors to abide by the same principles.

Caring about our people – our clients and our colleagues – is the bedrock of our firm. Because we care, we enjoy our work. We have fun. It is a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere, and this culture exists hand in glove with the reason we exist – to help our clients manage their wealth to achieve their life goals.

“Caring about our people – our clients and our colleagues – is the bedrock of our firm.”

Some firms spend lots of money recruiting advisors from other firms, knowing that they will move a significant proportion of their customers with them, thus acknowledging the primacy of the advisor client – relationship. It seems though, that the industry sometimes seeks to deny this same reality upon the advisor’s retirement, when some firms may decline to compensate the advisor fairly for those relationships.

Every situation is different, but just like our advisors help our clients plan for their financial and life goals, HWMGroup helps our advisors plan as well. We recognize the effort that goes into building a book over a career, and who created those relationships. We also recognize that as an advisor chooses to slow down or retire completely, they should reap the appropriate rewards of a lifetime of service to their clients.

" The Fiduciary Rule, simply stated, is the requirement to place the needs and interests of the client in a position superior to that of the advisor and their employer. "

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The overhead associated with starting and running an independent practice can be significant and the regulatory environment is unforgiving. At HWMG, we have done the legwork to make sure our advisors are equipped with state-of-the-art systems and infrastructure.

Advisors who join us will likely find that the tools available to them to manage the “day to day” of their customer relationships are superior to those in their current environment. One of the foundational principals of HWMG has always been to embrace the very best that technology has to offer through the platforms we employ.

Client Relationship Management (CRM), performance reporting, financial planning and customer service support, through both our internal systems and our custodial relationship with TD Ameritrade, all contribute to the high quality of the advisory and client experience. We handle trading, reporting, billing and compliance so our advisors can focus on delivering a level of service and attention our clients will not find anywhere else.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is one those phrases that has unfortunately over the years grown to become more of a platitude and less of a verb. At HWMG we believe the key in fully appreciating the role of financial planning in the advisor client relationship is not merely its existence but rather its intent. Is financial planning primarily a tool for the discovery and capturing of assets? Or is its primary intent to assist the clients in entering into a proper and healthy relationship with their financial resources, through its ability to answer THE question – Do I (or will I) have enough? It is the advisors ability to help the client answer this question that gives them the power to lead their clients into becoming masters rather than servants of their financial resources.

Our Approach

Investment selection and management are additional positives of the HWMG experience. We focus upon risk and its management in pursuit of the successful attainment of our clients’ financial goals and lifetime objectives. Diversification as a means of reducing portfolio risk also leads to a focus upon asset allocation rather than individual security selection as the primary source of investment return.

Does this culture and philosophy appeal to you?
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