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“Change the Paradigm” is an oft used – some might say over used – expression, but in looking at the relationship between people and their money, and between advisors and their employers, this expression speaks directly to our mission.

For Investors

We want to change the relationship you have with your money. If you are like most folks, you do not have a financial plan, and you work FOR your money. You may not know exactly what you need, but the general perception is you need more.

While it is probably safe to say that the lack of enough money makes us unhappy, and we all could benefit from the use of more, the key word here is “use.” Once we determine what our ultimate life goals are, we can then develop a plan and a strategy to reach those goals, and how we will use our money to achieve them.

Our approach to wealth management is predicated on helping you drill down to determine your life goals.  From here, we can then help identify specific financial objectives and milestones, which then leads to an in depth planning process to help identify and prepare for the choices you will face. We will help you make course corrections as dictated by changing circumstances, monitor the investment environment to make sure your money is always efficiently WORKING FOR YOU to enrich your life experience, all the while never losing sight of your ultimate goal.

For Advisors

We want to change the relationship investment professionals have with their employers. The business of providing investment advice is one that often includes too many relationships with too little trust. Firms often do not trust their advisors nor do their advisors trust their firms. Clients often trust their advisors but don’t trust who they work for. There is no spirit of community.

The concept that appears to drive many in this business is the belief that more is always better and one can never have enough.  This message is one the industry seems to want its customers to share, and management pressure for ever increasing numbers reinforces this philosophy within the advisory ranks – we think differently.

At Heritage Wealth Management Group, we do not view ourselves or our advisors as merely accumulators of assets.  Rather, we view our role as that of an emancipator, changing the relationship our clients have with their money, and the relationship our advisors have with their customers. With the removal of money from its role of master and its being made servant, our advisors can focus not on what it is, but what on what money does and how, when properly managed and directed,  it serves the client’s ultimate purposes. At Heritage Wealth Management Group, we treat our advisors exactly like they want their clients to be treated.

Stated simply – our job is your success. If you love coming to work every day, you will be far more motivated to help clients achieve their goals. If you do this, we have succeeded in our job.

about us

For most of us, home is our refuge. Loving homes with supportive friends have built a community of trust. It is where our family is and where we are comfortable and can relax.

We like that environment, and while we can never replicate all the circumstances that make home and family special, we have built a community of trust with our colleagues and our clients.

The dictionary defines “Community” as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.” That’s a good start, but we think our community is more than that.

Trust is a word that is used frequently in the Investment Advisory world and earning a client’s trust is a common theme. But as with “community,” we think it is necessary to go beyond earning a client’s trust.

Caring about our people – our clients and our colleagues – is the bedrock of our firm. Because we care, we enjoy our work. We have fun. It is a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere, and this culture exists hand in glove with the reason we exist – to help our clients manage their wealth to achieve their life goals.

If this environment appeals to you, we probably have a lot more in common and we’d like to have a conversation with you.

What is a client?
  • A client is the most important person in the office.
  • A client is not an interruption of our work,  but the purpose of it.
  • We are not doing you a favor by serving you, you’re doing us a favor by letting us.
  • A client is a person who brings us their wants.  It is our responsibility to help them handle their investment needs.
Passion for Results
What We Believe

We treat our advisors just like they are clients – with kid gloves. Typically, advisors who are with a large Broker Dealer work in a highly competitive, sales driven environment.  The pressure is always on to increase the size of your book and the amount of your production. We’re not like that.

At Heritage Wealth Management Group, the only pressure is to make sure client needs and desires ALWAYS come first. If an investment idea or strategy is not clearly in the best interest of the client, don’t waste one more second of time on it.

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